The quilters of Good Shepherd meet four days of each month to work on quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  Quilts are shipped twice a year, usually in October and April.  Shipped along with the quilts are Baby Care Kits that are assembled by the congregation at various different times.  These kits include blankets, t-shirts, gowns,a jacket or sweater, diapers, socks, soap, hand towels and diaper pins.  Everyone is invited to join the quilting group.  In fact, the younger the better!

Where do our quilts and kits go?  A batch of our quilts and Baby Care Kits went to Mauritania.  Where is Mauritania? It is in north-east Africa, with Algeria and Mali on their western border, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east.  There has long been ethnic tensions and violent changes in leadership, resulting in internal refugees, and now, additional refugees from Sudan and the Central African Republic.  LWR”s partner is Mauritania Lutheran World Federation that is providing food, agricultural support and  vocational training.

Details we’ve received on earlier shipments this year include the local partners:  In Georgia distribution was through the Union of Investments and Humanitarian Projects, which provides assistance to disabled people, orphans and others who are socially vulnerable.  In Tanzania distribution was through the Christian Council of Tanzania, which supports 250 sub-partners such as schools, orphanages, hospitals, rehab centers, elder care and assisted living facilities.

Distribution of Baby Care Kits in Haiti.

Distribution of Baby Care Kits in Haiti.

 Boy receiving a mission quilt–he’s all smiles!

If a sweater isn’t available, we send a hooded cape in it’s place.  We got the pattern from Lutheran World Relief and are learning to make them.