June 3

“Love God, love one another. . . Over this last 16 months we celebrated together, we’ve prayed together . . . and so my friends, I thank you and I thank God for you.”  Pastor Nat preaches on the Gospel of Mark on his last Sunday as Interim Pastor.

May 27

Jesus says you have all that you need in me.  The matter at hand isn’t a lack of evidence, it’s a lack of faith. . . You have seen things, and yet you haven’t received them.  You’ve come to know something, yet you haven’t come to believe.  Pastor Nat preaches on the Gospel of John on Holy Trinity Sunday.

May 20

In today’s reading, Jesus is with his friends in the upper room, and in a matter of hours, he’ll be arrested, tried, and crucified . . . “it won’t be easy,” he says to his friends, “if they persecuted me, they’ll persecute you too.” . . .”The way won’t be easy–have some faith; you won’t be alone.”  Pastor Nat preaches on the Gospel of John on the Day of Pentecost.

May 13

Jesus says, “All that is mine is yours, and all that is yours is mine.”  Jesus says “all” here . . .where “all” includes these disciples. . . The disciples belong to God, which is another way of saying, they belong to Jesus.  Nat and Janie preach on the Gospel of John on Youth Sunday.

May 6

Pastor Nat preaches from the Gospel of John.  “You did not choose me, I chose you.  I moved first,”  Jesus says.  You are the company Jesus seeks.

April 29

“I am the vine, and you arAprile the branches . . .”  Apart from me, what good can you do?  Nat’s words come from the Gospel of John, the 15th chapter.

April 22

Nat preaches from the Gospel of John on “Good Shepherd Sunday”.

April 15

Nat preaches on the Gospel of Luke.  “And Because Christ lives, you and I are now much more than flesh and bone.  And because Christ is, God is much more than a good idea, or a nice thought, or a friendly ghost.”

April 8

“Because Christ is, you don’t stand alone.  You’re not forgotten nor forsaken, and there’s no place where the love of God in Christ can’t reach you.”  Nat preaches on the Gospel of John.

April 1  Easter, He Is Risen, Alleluia!

Pastor Nat preaches on the Gospel of John, the 20th chapter.  “This morning is a reminder, of everything that faith already knows to be true. . . Have you seen the Lord? . . .Has he called your name?  He’s called you here, I believe that.”

































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