Lutheran World Relief Efforts

Mission Quilts

Imagine the comfort that comes with a hug when someone is in a time of deepest need.  Through a simple combination of fabric and thread, we can reach out to those with some of the greatest needs in the world, not wrapping them in our arms, but wrapping them in the work of our hands through a LWR Quilt.  Scraps of fabric and thread now enjoy new life.  What was once cast away as worthless, is now anew for someone in need.

 Baby Care Kits

Bringing a baby into the world can be a difficult and scary thing for a mother living in poverty.  She worries a bout her baby’s health and well-being when there is a lack of money to buy the things needed for her newborn.  The items included in a Baby Care Kit provides those items–soft blankets to give them warmth and comfort, soap to keep germs away,  a hand towel, T-shirts, gowns, cloth diapers, a hat, and socks.

Fabric Kits

Project Promise Fabric Kits are used in vocational training programs to teach young men and women useful, marketable skills. You can help teach a person to sew and provide the tools to earn an income and break out of poverty. These kits include two pieces of cotton measuring either 2 1/4 yards, 3 yards, and/or 4 yards.  Also included are 2 spools of thread to match the fabric.

The picture gallery on this page include the the items for the Baby Care Kits that were assembled on Sunday, April 8, after worship.  Also pictured is a table with the Fabric Kits and and pictures of the quilts on display in the sanctuary.  On Monday, April 16, some of the quilter’s gathered and boxed the kits and quilts for shipment.  There were a total of 63 boxes which included 87 quilts, 103 Baby Care Kits and 33 Fabric Kits.