Confirmation Lock-In 2018

On March 10, our Confirmation Class enjoyed a night of fun, games, worship, and community with friends they invited and volunteers from Good Shepherd. The Confirmation students are: Delaney, Ashlyn, Isaac,  Isabella and Olivia. Each person invited a friend or two. Good Shepherd members were present throughout the night leading games, serving food, and enjoying the social time with the kids. Almost all of the kids were up all night, which was their stated goal. Some slept a while after 7am, some napped during the night. Twenty four paracord bracelets were completed for Operation Gratitude, a charity which supports active duty military personnel and veterans. Notes expressing gratitude were written to be sent to military service personnel along with the paracord bracelets. Worship and Bible study themes were focused on being yourself and living in community. A paper banner is displayed in the Narthex made by the students and expressive of who they are as individuals and who they are in the community. Thanks to all who helped in any way, and to the parents for sharing their kids with us. A list of those who provided assistance follows.

Pastor Nat, Worship and support of the event; Marty Adkins, music during worship; Michelle Boualavang and Melissa Caudill welcoming and dinner; Jason and Lily Maasdam, games at church and the gym, helping with paracord bracelets, encouragement; Pat and Jane Stockton, supervision and support at church and the gym; Jerry Ayers, arranging a trip to the gym, leading games and making breakfast; Ron Sterling, support and music; Maryann Sterling, creating art project with the students; Joe Schacherer and Dexter, distraction and dog time; Julie Leeper, crazy games at 2am; Liz Finarty and Sengaloune Boualavang, 4am shift, help with games, Slime making, completion of service project, and clean up.

It has been a while since I, Rita Schacherer stayed up all night. This event reminds me again that Youth ministry is so rich in fun and life experiences that sleep can be optional…for a while.